„The Haunted Manor”
a comic opera in four acts

the Opera took place on
Saturday, February 10 2007,  at 10am (students)
and Sunday, February 11 2007, at 3pm

at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago-Rosemont


The Haunted Manor could be claimed as Poland's national opera. With its perfect balance of Polish and cosmopolitan features, and music that responds directly to the comedy and pathos of Jan Checinski's colloquial libretto, it is truly a jewel of the Polish Heritage. The Haunted Manor is a story that encompasses different levels of society, and an opera in which nothing less than a parade of Old Poland is played out. Moniuszko's music has a vitality that will speak to everyone.

Music: Stanislaw Moniuszko
Libretto: Jan Checinski


Music Director: Wojciech Niewrzol - Chicago

Director: Ryszard Ciesla Warsaw

Scenery and custiums: Barbara Kedzierska Warsaw

Barbara Zelazny-Pogorzelska Warsaw
Magdalena Solarz Chicago
Halina Misterka Chicago

Choir preparation:
Jadwiga Achimowicz – Niesiolowska Chicago
Pawel Lukaszewski Warsaw