Proby- Koncerty - orkiestra
letnie warsztaty muzyczne - zapisy - Camp Vista 2010










Music theory lessons and practice
lessons by Richi Adams

Cwiczenia z ksztalcenia sluchu w jezyku polskim
(lekcje przygotowane prze Ricci Adams
link zewnetrzny do strony

sprawdz czy masz sluch muzyczny

the staf, clefs, and ledger lines
note duration
rest duration
dots and ties

simple and compound meter
odd meter

steps and accidentals
the major scale
the minor scales
scales degrees
key signatures
key sign ature calculation

specific intervals
writing intervals
intervals inversion

interval trainer
scales trainery
note trainer
key trainer

interwaly - cwicznie z ksztalcenia sluchu
gamy cwiczenia sluchowe
nazewnictwo nut
rozroznianie tonacji






Throughout the 11 seasons of our existence, PaSO has had the pleasure and the honor of inviting some of Poland's best, most talented artists. We make an effort to work with both famous and renowned artists, but also to promote new local as well as Polish performers.

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